Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Inexpensive Baby Gift Idea

Here lately, it seems that lots of my friends and family are having babies and I am always looking for an inexpensive and personalized baby gift.  Subway art is very popular right now and this goes right along those lines.  I love the impact that words can make visually and this project showcases that. 

I designed my birth stats print below in Photoshop Elements, but you could easily do this in Word, Publisher, or some other similar program.  I have sized it to fit an 8x10 inch frame and I had it printed on photo paper with a matte finish.  All the colors match the bedding used in the babies nursery.

My next step was to get an inexpensive frame. I bought a dark stained wood one to go with the cowboy themed nursery.  I took out the backing and glass so that I could just work the frame itself.  I wanted to make it look more cowboyish.

Please excuse my mess in this picture below, but my craft room pretty much always looks that way when I have a project going on.  Like my lava lamp?  ha ha! 
I next took some jute twine (this can be found at Walmart and is just a few dollars for a large roll) and hot glued it around the frame.  I went around it twice to make a bigger impact.  

Here is the finished frame with the birth stat print in it.  The jute added to the frame gives it just a little extra something to tie into the nurseries rustic cowboy theme.  The overall price of this project was less than $10 and I think it's worth so much more than that since it is so personalized.

I also like to make cards (I rarely ever buy a greeting card).  Below is the card that I included with the framed birth stats print and the Mod Podged letters (yep, the ones from my last post).  This card was very distressed in order to keep with the rustic theme.  Lots of layers, lots of distressing ink, and lots of paper scraping (that's how you get the edges to look so rough).   Just like the birth stats prints, I love to personalize a card when I can and new baby cards are perfect for that.  I like to include the new baby's picture because then the card ends up being a keepsake. 

I hope that you design your own birth stats print for your children, nieces, nephews, or grandchildren.   Try making your own cards too.  Keep it simple or as complicated as you want...whoever you send it to will just love that you took the time to handmake it!


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