Sunday, January 29, 2012

Wallet-friendly Wet Mop Pads


I love love love my Wet Mop (made by a very popular company), but I hate hate hate the cost of pads and fluid.  So I found a cheaper option for both.  For now, I’ll show you how I get around buying the expensive pads.  I’ll show you how the fluid workaround in a later post.

Aside from the price, I hate how the pads made by the company do not pick up animal hair very well.  With four animals in the house, this is a big deal.  I checked Etsy for washable pads I could purchase, and realized I could make them myself! 

I found a five pack of microfiber towels at Dollar General for $4 and realized the fabric would be perfect!  Microfiber is super absorbent and I knew it would pick up the animal hair.


I folded each towel into thirds, making each section as close to the same size as possible. 


Using a regular straight stitch, I stitched around each side, then made three stitches down the length of the pad.  If you are a perfectionist, LET GO OF IT for this project.  Microfiber gets a little wonky and doesn’t always allow you to sew perfectly straight, flat projects!


That’s it.  Because the pads are made of microfiber, they stick to the bottom of the Wet Mop without having to attach velcro.  You will have to push a little harder to move them across the floor, but when you see how much they pickup, you will not mind that extra bit of work.  When you’re finished, throw them in the wash!

Note: If you do not use dryer sheets or fabric softener, the pads will keep their maximum absorbency for a longer period of time. 

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