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Getting to know the gals . . .

Hi! I’m HeatherLeah!  I live about an hour SE of Nashville, TN with my husband, our two children, three dogs, and one cat. 

I love to craft and create and will try almost any craft at least once.  I do a little bit of everything and have a collection of craft goodies that is growing larger by the day!  My favorite recent additions are my two temp, cordless hot glue gun and my fancy new sewing machine. *drools*

I look forward to sharing things I’ve made.  I also hope to share things I’ve found on the cheap or unique items I’ve thrifted. 

Info on Shawna and Alicia .... coming soon....

You can reach any of the Scissors and Hot Glue gals by sending an email to scissorsandhotglue@gmail.com

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