Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fall Floral Arrangement

Welcome to our Blog! I'm Shawna, and I finally made something this week. Woo hoo!

I am a collector of stuffs. I prefer vintage stuffs and try to re-purpose or use it for its original intent whenever possible. I find great joy in reviving items of old in today’s modern times. Luckily my friends and family feed that fire and take me to cool places that sell old stuff. This particular item caught my fancy at The Old Feed Store in Woodbury, TN where my Mamaw and I were shopping. (I get my love of collecting from Mamaw. I heart her!). This pitcher is a Jewel Homemakers brand tea pitcher with a missing lid. Oh darn, no lid. Guess who doesn’t drink tea? Yeah so I don’t care about the lid, plus that made it cheaper to purchase (under $20). I do however love to fill vases, pitchers and random whatnots with flowers.

Jewel Tea Pitcher

So, I ran to the good old Dollar Tree and found some neat fall foliage to stuff in my awesome tea pitcher.

It just so happens that the Dollar Tree also has floral foam too, so I grabbed some random shapes since I wasn’t sure what size would be best. You could measure your pitcher before buying floral foam, but where’s the fun in knowing exactly what you need for a project?

So, with foam in hand, I determine which shape to use. I had my heart set on the square. *sigh* So I used the smaller shape that actually fits perfectly in the pitcher. I ended up using two of these guys since the pitcher was quite tall. I could have shaved the corners off the square one and used it, but it was easier to just stack two small ones on top of each other.

Too short....

Now the fun starts, determine how you want your arrangement to look. I had an idea in mind from surfing the Michael’s website and viewing all the fall do-it-yourself arrangements. (Oh, and don’t forget you’ll need some floral cutters or heavy duty cutting pliers). Since I am not a professional, I Googled flower arrangements for help, and placed my focal flowers first, along with some sprays of grass. I placed the secondary flowers to fill in the voids. Then, I got so wrapped up in placing the flowers in the pitcher that I totally forgot to take progression photos….soooo….here’s the finished product!

I was pretty proud of this considering it’s my first floral arrangement ever. I did learn that it would probably look better with higher quality flowers, so the next floral sale at Hobby Lobby will be my next stop for the Christmas arrangement I will do. So with that in mind, go find a neat item from a yard sale, flea market, etc. and grab some flowers of your choice to fill it with!

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