Sunday, November 6, 2011

Silhouette fun!

Hi everyone!  I'm Alicia and this is my very first post on our brand new blog!  I'm excited about having a place to post all of my projects.  This first project I am sharing is one that I completed a couple of months ago, but never did anything with the pictures that I took.  I have a pretty neglected personal family blog.  ha ha!  Anyways, I got a Silhouette earlier this year and I have been trying to find ways to put it to use and do that inexpensively.  I attending a painting event at my church earlier in the Summer and I was given a leftover blank canvas from it.  I am a Pinterest junkie and had seen this project on there and I knew that I could duplicate it.  I think the original probably came from one of those expensive catalogs.  Here we go...

The first step is to paint the entire canvas with a good couple of coats of acrylic paint.  I also painted the sides of my canvas, but didn't take a picture of it at that state. 

The 2nd step was to get in my Silhouette computer software and design the wording that I needed to cut out of vinyl.

Next, I chose a piece of vinyl and cut out the first word I was going to be using as a stencil.
Your eyes are not deceiving you....the vinyl color did change.  I screwed up the first one when I was removing the backing paper and had to cut it out again.  Once I had my vinyl stencil cut out and had removed all the letters and all I had left was my word stencil, I removed the backing paper and positioned it where I wanted it on my completely dry canvas.

I next applied a couple of coats of bright white acrylic paint and allowed it to set up.....didn't let it totally dry.

I carefully peeled back the stencil while the paint was just set up enough to not really be wet.  I then applied the other two stencils and painted them.  I could have just applied them all at the same time, but for some reason I didn't.....I make odd decisions when I craft.  ha ha!

Peel off your remaining stencils and call it done.  Now, it's a little bit crooked, but the perfectionist in me is trying really hard not to notice it. ha ha! 

I really hope that you'll see some great projects on here from us gals that will inspire you to look at the resourses around you and figure out how you can get your crafty on too!

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