Monday, November 7, 2011


For most of 2008 and 2009, I was unemployed.  That left me lots of time to do some cheap crafting.  Now, cheap crafting is great, but sometimes....great ideas end up not turning out so great afterall.  This is one of those times. 

When I got married in 2005, I was given a rotating spike rack.  I use it almost daily and do love it, but I have never used a lot of the spices that came in it.  It became apparent that a makeover was in order.  I threw out all the spices I had never used and probably never would use.  I then replaced them with the spices from the cabinet that could now be put in the rotating rack.  All my Penzey's Spices needed a home in my spice rack too!  This project was before I had my Silhouette....before I ever dreamed of having one.  My grand idea was to print out the spice names onto regular white sticky labels.  This was good in theory, but they started falling off pretty quickly.  Not sure if it was the surface or probably the heat coming from the stove/oven.  In fact, one of the jars in the picture has fallen victim.

Once, I did have my Silhouette, this was one of my first big projects to test it out.  I was sick and tired of always having to glue the labels back on all the time and they were getting dirty since they were just paper labels.  So, after I had gotten some nice red vinyl, I got on my Silhouette computer software and designed myself some new labels.

After cutting everything out and then cutting each individual label out, I was ready to apply them to the jars.  I don't have a picture of the process, but it took FOREVER.  ha ha!  After peeling the transfer paper off each label (leaving all the letters still intact), I applied each label to the lids.  I then took my craft tweezers and craft needle and carefully peeled up all of the letters (one itty bitty letter at a time) so that it revealed the black of the lids.

Here is the finished spice rack.  I LOVE how it turned out since it really "pops" in my kitchen now.

I am also a paper cardmaker and a digital invitation & announcement designer.  I hope to be posting some of those creations every soon!  Thanks for visiting!

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